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COVID-19 and Orthodontic Appliances

Hello Everyone,

I am super excited to say that Governor Whitmer is allowing dentistry to resume beginning May 29!! Therefore, we will resume seeing patients beginning in June.  In addition to the order allowing us to resume seeing patients, the Governor also put forth orders that require a lot to be in place to be able to move forward to actually seeing patients as well as a lot of requirements on how we can see patients.  We are working diligently to get all of that in place and will begin scheduling appropriately.  This is going to take time.  We have hundreds of patients that need to get scheduled and a new way of when and how we can see you.  There is no need to call as we will be calling everyone systematically over the next 2-3 weeks to make sure everyone will get an appointment scheduled.  We appreciate your continued patience as we work together to get going again and wade through our new “normal”.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all again!  Wishing everyone a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!


 Dr. Gietzen


Here are some tips for current patients on how to handle your orthodontic appliances during the mandatory temporary office closure due to COVID-19. 


Maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine of brushing 2-3 times per day and do not miss any area in your mouth.  Floss daily.  There are serious permanent negative consequences to poor oral hygiene.  Please prevent this with good oral hygiene practices.

Expander Patients:

Continue to do your turns as prescribed.  Once you are done with those turns, STOP turns until your next appointment.  


Braces Patients:

If you have a pokey wire, try wax.  If that does not help, go ahead and try to trim the wire using clean wire cutters, clean cuticle scissors, or clean nail clippers.

If you have a bracket come off, we will fix it when we can resume seeing patients.  Avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods and follow all braces and food instructions.


Clear Aligner Patients:

We have contacted all our clear aligner patients with instructions.  If you finish wearing your last aligner as prescribed, continue to wear that aligner at night while sleeping until your next appointment.  


Retainer Patients:

Keep wearing them as prescribed.